Hole 1- "OB 1 Kenobi"   258 ft. Par 3. Round parking lot (defined by large rocks) and road are OB, re-tee at am tee for 3rd shot. Water line of swamp at bottom of hill OB as well.

Hole 2- "Road Rage" 354 ft. Par 3. Road (not sidewalk) is OB. Re-tee where disc went out. Little League field also OB.

Re-tee on am tee near center field for 3rd shot.

Hole 3- "Upheaval" 384 ft. Par 3. If water in pond, OB.

Hole 4- "Walk the Line" 297 ft. Par 3. 

Hole 5- "Ace Freely" 300 ft. Par 3. 

Hole 6- "Birdie Hallow" 306 ft. Par 3. Basket on left into woods.

Hole 7- "W.H.I.NE" 303 ft. Par 3. Left of fences is OB

Hole 8- "Uncle JD's Folly"  375 ft. Par 3. Left of fence is OB.

Hole 9- "Manmade Depression"  357 ft. Par 3. 

Hole 10- "The OB Corral" 333 ft. Par 3. Inside the horse corral (white fence) is OB.

Hole 11- "Dirty Fishbowl" 294 ft. Par 3. The pond and riprap rocks are OB. The asphalt road behind the basket is OB.

Hole 12- "Methane Alley" 300 ft. Par 3. The asphalt road is OB.

Hole 13- "Moote point" 180 ft. Par 3. 

Hole 14- "Turtle Cove" 225 ft. Par 3. Riprap rocks are OB.

Hole 15- "Wilson Thickett" 213 ft. Par 3. 

Hole 16- "Hamburger Hill" 294 ft. Par 3. 

Hole 17- "Biblical Porportion" 372 ft. Par 3. The pond (over hill on left) is OB when water is in it.

Hole 18- "El Signatore" 312 ft. Par 4. The pond in front and the swamp behind the green are both OB when there is water in them.

 The line if rocks along the road is OB. Pond shots, re-tee at AM tee. 

(There is a path from the far side of 18 green through the woods. Walk along irrigation pond, and 19 tee is on the far left side

of the field marked with orange cones.)

 Hole 19- "Shakedown Street" 777 ft. Par 4. Irrigation pond is OB. Basket is next to Hole 1 tee box.


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