Grade 1 & 2 Soccer Information

Name Role Email
Bill Highgass Grade 1/2 Boys Age Group Co-Director
Sean Hannigan Grade 1/2 Boys Age Group Co-Director    
Adam Theriault Grade 1/2 Girls Age Group Co-Director
 Kate Bissell Grade 1/2 Girls Age Group Co-Director    

For many years, Mass Youth Soccer and US Soccer have recommended small teams playing games on small fields as the Grade 1 & 2 Format as the appropriate level of play. This method has been proven to teach all the children in the program the skills and techniques needed to develop into strong, solid soccer players.We have changed our program to meet these standards by playing 4 field players versus 4 players, without goalies. A small sided game with every child touching the ball many times is a greater alternative to a large field where a very small percentage of more developed players dominate the play. This new method will coax the more introverted player into the action of the game,as well as, cater to the more developed players by encouraging them to improve their skills and agility in a smaller area.Many of our surrounding towns have been using small groups and small sided fields for several years now and it have been very successful while also being a lot of fun for the children. We were very pleased and encouraged this past spring with our own success here in town. We received great feedback on our new program and saw wonderful improvements in the children throughout the season. The Grade 1 & 2 Format adopts a comprehensive soccer approach for the children by implementing the above changes, as well as, introducing them to soccer terms, World Cup soccer team awareness, and more, all while keeping it a fun and exciting experience for all.